K. Okazaki, CPA, tax and visa office

K.Okazaki is a fully qualified accountant and visa-solicitor. As an accountant, he is also certified in illinois, USA.   In a short period since inauguration in September, 2017, we have assisted international clients successfully in the  various fields:

  1. Visa application.
  2. Bookkeeping.
  3. Application for licenses, including MINPAKU license,
  4. Establishing a company in Japan.
  5. Analysis of financial statements.
  6. Staff education for ERP system.

About Emeritus Prof. Dr. Kazuhiro Okazaki

Welcome to my homepage.


I am an emeritus professor of Accounting, IT and statistics to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students in Nagoya, in Japan.


I spent 23 years in multicultural Australia, and as a result,  have an international perspective and am proficient in English.  I am certified in Illinois, and have mentored many students from various background in Japan.


As such, my students are not only Japanese,but also come from China, Vietnam and Malaysia. I am proud that all my former students who have successfully completed their academic qualifications have  found employment in their chosen fields. My former students include a professor, lecturers, IT specialists and stock brokers.