Obon holidays from 11th to 19th, August.

 From Saturday 11th to Sunday 19th, 2018, our office will be closed due to the Buddhist Obon holiday. Although this is not an official national holiday, most of the country celebrates Obon festival and offices are closed.

Please contact us during Obon period by:

  Kaz Okazaki: okazaki_k @nifty.com (Japanese and English)

  Lin Wei: wei.okazaki @gmail.com (Japanese and Chinese)


K. Okazaki, CPA, tax and visa office

K.Okazaki is a fully qualified accountant and visa-solicitor. As an accountant, he is also certified in illinois, USA.   In a short period since inauguration in September, 2017, we have assisted international clients successfully in the  various fields:

  1. Visa application.
  2. Bookkeeping and preparing tax returns.
  3. Application for licenses, including MINPAKU license,
  4. Establishing a company in Japan.
  5. Analysis of financial statements.
  6. Staff education for ERP system.

About Emeritus Prof. Dr. Kazuhiro Okazaki

Welcome to my homepage.


I am an emeritus professor of Accounting, IT and statistics to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students in Nagoya, in Japan.


I spent 23 years in multicultural Australia, and as a result,  have an international perspective and am proficient in English.  I am certified in Illinois, and have mentored many students from various background in Japan.


As such, my students are not only Japanese,but also come from China, Vietnam and Malaysia. I am proud that all my former students who have successfully completed their academic qualifications have  found employment in their chosen fields. My former students include a professor, lecturers, IT specialists and stock brokers.